Unique gifts for people who love the outdoors

Welcome to LuvSkyy, a small, handmade home-based business in Georgia. We're passionate about helping others to enjoy the great outdoors in style and preserve their memories. We're also dedicated to sustainable practices through our on-demand fulfillment process, which helps prevent overproduction.

At LuvSkyy, our goal is to help you capture cherished memories and look good while you enjoy life-changing outdoor adventures. Our camping journals come in a variety of sizes and styles, and our apparel and decor feature nature-inspired designs.

Shop owner Angela founded LuvSkyy in 2018 with a heart-centered mission to offer kindness and inclusion-themed items to fundraise for her favorite autism awareness and acceptance organization. In 2020 Angela married her passion for graphic design with her love for the outdoors and began offering camping journals, shirts, printables, hats, homeware and more. After buying a slide-in truck camper with her husband in 2020, Angela sought to fill a gap by creating fun designs highlighting the truck camper lifestyle. All items are created on Angela’s home computer, but she works with a fulfillment partner to produce hats, mugs, apparel, park posters, and pillow covers on demand. 

Beige and gray dog running with ears flapping

About the name

The LuvSkyy name was born out of Angela’s love for the first dog she owned as an adult, Skyy, who lost her battle to canine bladder cancer at age 14 in 2017. Skyy was a dachshund-schnauzer mix who could always be found sporting a red collar in honor of her beloved Georgia Bulldogs.


To our family, LuvSkyy represents happy times with family—including those four-legged family members—enjoying nature with those you love most. That feeling of togetherness with each other and with nature inspires us to continue our work with our favorite autism organization, donating a portion of our sales.

When you buy from LuvSkyy you can feel good about supporting a small business. Give us a follow on social. We love to share our truck camper travels, occasional tips and sales with followers on Instagram.

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